Today we visited our friends at the nursing home in Monte Cristi. We visited this village last year and became very attached to the sweet spirited residents and workers. Last year we spent a day cleaning and disenfecting the building so the residents could avoid harmful contaminents.

As an individual ages his/her immune system has a strong tendency to weaken if nourishment is not providing essential vitamins and minerals to the blood. In addition, other infections that attach break down the body's ability to fight off infections. One way to help combat this is to keep living quarters clean and clear of as much bacteria as possible. Bacteria and virus can travel through physical contact and through the air. As part of our team's project from last year people from our team put together a shipment of barely used hospital beds and the US Military was generous enough to provide for shipping on a cargo plan when room was available. It was truly a great blessing to witness this kind of generosity from my fellow countrymen and loving mercy of our Almight God.